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Official Statement: Ethical Society of Police Issues Statement Following Arrest of Northwoods Officer

The allegations against this officer are horrific. We are encouraged by St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell’s strong stance and hope the victim gets justice. This case illustrates the need for bodycam mandates with sanctions for noncompliance. It also highlights the need for more effective checks and balances at the Missouri POST level to track officers who have been fired or resigned under investigation.

About The Ethical Society of Police

The Ethical Society of Police (ESOP) was founded in 1972 by African-American officers to address race-based discrimination in the community and within the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. In 2018, the ESOP expanded to include membership for civilian and commissioned employees of law enforcement agencies within St. Louis County.

The Ethical Society of Police is an association of police officers and civilians whose mission is to bridge communications between the historically marginalized communities and law enforcement. The ESOP works to improve: community/police relations, develop policies and programs to reduce crime, elevate the status of minority civilians and police officers, encourage greater minority employment by law enforcement agencies, and increase professionalism in law enforcement. Membership is open to all races, nationalities, religions, political affiliations, sexual orientations and gender identities. For more information about the Ethical Society of Police, visit

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