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Our Mission & Work

Ethical Society of Police (ESOP) was founded in 1972 by African-American police officers to address race-based discrimination. We work to cultivate and maintain police/community relations, increase diversity within police departments, and enhance accountability and professionalism in law enforcement.

Our Mission

To protect and serve

Cultivate and maintain police/community relations

Increase diversity within police departments

Champion accountability and professionalism in law enforcement


What We Believe:

The breakdown of trust between the community and police has devastating effects. We believe that improvements to community and police relations benefit not only the community but officers. Improving community relations starts with day-to-day interactions and initiatives to support the needs of the citizens we serve. Our officers represent the communities they serve and have a unique perspective and opportunity to accelerate that trust and connection.

Our Work:

We bridge gaps in communication between the Police Department and the community through our presence every day and impactful community programs.Out non profit arm, the ESOP Community Foundation, funds many such events including the annual backpack drive.

We advocate fr the fair pay and policies not only for officers but also for the civilian employees who serve our department and the community.  


What We Believe:

We seek justice and equality for all Police Officers and Civilians within the police department.

The Board of the Ethical Society of Police believes the vast majority of officers behave in a manner befitting of officers. However, when we as officers disregard internal policies and the laws we’ve sworn to uphold we must be held accountable. 

We also take the heat to call out injustice in discriminatory and inequitable policies and practices of departments.

Our Work:

Both locally and nationally, we advocate for reforms to make police departments more equitable and representative of the communities they serve and provide an honest perspective at the intersection of black and blue. 

We use our voice to drive change through press statements and interviews, private meetings with community leadership, participating in town halls and supporting legislation we believe will advance our mission and work conditions for officers and civil employees. We also 

We provide legal representation to our members officers who must file discriminatory or other complaints and lawsuits with their department. 

We work to increase diversity in departments through initiatives like our Pre-Recruitment Training program.

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