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The Ethical Society of Police endorses Jay Ashcroft for Missouri Governor

The Ethical Society of Police is endorsing Jay Ashcroft for Missouri Governor because he has committed to bringing ESOP’s voice to the table, so we can advocate for our members, our citizens and officers throughout the state. 

To us, this endorsement is about people over politics. We are not choosing a political party, rather we are choosing the opportunity to be an effective part of policy change for our members, citizens and officers across the State of Missouri. We will never agree on every issue with any candidate or elected official, but we agree with Jay Ashcroft on the urgency of police reform and the cost of inaction to the real people who are impacted every day. 

Our mission has always been to advocate for change that makes police departments more equitable and representative of the communities they serve and provide an honest perspective at the intersection of black and blue. We look forward to working with Jay to move towards those goals in meaningful ways — both in St. Louis and, now, throughout Missouri.