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In St. Louis, a racial disparity of whose murders get solved

On Shulte Avenue on the north side of St. Louis, the sites of the killings are just steps away from each other.

Terrell Hall, 47, was killed near a brick one-story home at the intersection of Shulte and Mimika avenues in 2020.

About 90 paces down the street, Andre Brookfield was shot to death in a car parked in the alley in 2012.

A few steps away, a drive-by shooter gunned down Whitney Brown and Devon Fletcher on the sidewalk in 2015.

Right next door, Cartrell Amos was killed in a home invasion in 2019.

Since 2012, there have been five homicides along this one block in north St. Louis. None of the killers was caught.

“There’s so many of them,” said Carlos Amos of the slayings in the Walnut Park West neighborhood. He still wonders why his son was killed.

The homicides continue along the remaining block on Shulte Avenue. In total, there were eight killings along a 1,000-foot stretch of pavement since 2007.

Every victim was Black. And none of the cases was solved.

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