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Official Statement: Ethical Society of Police Endorses Mark Mantovani for St. Louis County Executive


St. Louis County is in drastic need of change and it must start with the County Executive. “Mark Mantovani is a man of integrity and possesses the leadership attributes necessary to work collaboratively with individuals and organizations who are committed to improving St. Louis County,” said Lt. Ray Rice, a 26-year veteran of the St. Louis County Police Department and board member of the Ethical Society of Police (ESOP). “We have found that Mark understands the key dimensions of community well-being and that addressing the systemic issues within the County’s most vulnerable neighborhoods will be a priority of his administration. Such a comprehensive approach is critical for a safe and thriving region.”

Transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of government legitimacy; they are not tenets that can continue to be treated as optional. We need a County Executive who will support St. Louis County employees who raise awareness of government mismanagement and wrongdoing while being committed to transparency at all levels of County government. “The County Executive’s opposition to and subsequent veto of Proposition A, which enhanced whistle-blower protections for St. Louis County employees, was in stark contrast to his stated values post-Steve Stenger and in direct conflict with the principles of good governance,” said Lt. Ray Rice.

St. Louis County needs a County Executive who will be consistently attentive to all residents including those of disinvested and structurally disadvantaged neighborhoods.  The lack of focused investment in “high-risk” areas of St. Louis County and the absence of a holistic crime mitigation plan have allowed violence to thrive and to threaten the entire region. Mantovani understands this dynamic and will address the economic and physical decay most evident within large sections of North St. Louis County — the areas targeted for support only in election years.  

Since ESOP’s inception, we have committed ourselves to service while promoting policies, practices, and procedures that are equitable, inclusive and sensitive to the under-represented groups within law enforcement and the communities we serve.

By profession we are peacekeepers and our priority is ensuring that all people have a safe place to live, work and play. In order to realize sustainable success in that arena, it requires a collaborative effort and political leadership with vision, authenticity, integrity and a sense of responsibility to their most vulnerable constituents. ESOP looks forward to establishing such a collaborative effort with Mantovani as County Executive.

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About Ethical Society of Police
The Ethical Society of Police (ESOP) was founded in 1972 by African-American officers to address race-based discrimination in the community and within the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. In 2018, the ESOP expanded to include membership for civilian and commissioned employees of law enforcement agencies within St. Louis County. 

The Ethical Society of Police is an association of police officers and civilians whose mission is to bridge communications between the historically marginalized communities and law enforcement. The ESOP works to improve: community/police relations, develop policies and programs to reduce crime, elevate the status of minority civilians and police officers, encourage greater minority employment by law enforcement agencies, and increase professionalism in law enforcement. Membership is open to all races, nationalities, religions, political affiliations, sexual orientations and gender identities. For more information about the Ethical Society of Police, visit


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