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KMOV News 4: St. Louis police union representatives express concern with $1.2B budget

ST. LOUIS, MO. (KMOV) – The first meeting of the full Board of Alderman since city leaders advanced the $1.2 billion budget took place Friday with some concerns.

There is one section of the budget that is drawing a strong response from the unions representing local police. Out of the $1.2 billion, groups are zeroing in on a few lines in the mayor’s budget like a $7,500 increase in the travel budget and $30,000 in membership fees. The line item shows that in the previous year only $2,500 was set aside for membership fees. The two years before that, it was zero.

Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed questioned the increase earlier this week. “That seems like a lot when a lot of city employees barely make more than that, and it’s going to be used for membership fees and things of that nature,” Lewis said.