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Ethical Society of Police

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Ethical Society of Police

4901 Delmar Boulevard, Saint Louis, Missouri 63108, United States

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Recruitment Program Application

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About our Pre-Academy Recruitment Program



To recruit, prepare and mentor prospective candidates for the police academy. 

Every participant in our recruitment program will gain a better understanding of law enforcement, even if they aren't all selected for police academy training.


Our Instructors

Dedicated Police Officers impart years of professional law enforcement experience during off-duty hours, sacrificing personal time with their families. From 2015 - 2016, Sgt. William Clinton and former SLMPD Detective, Keaton Strong built a strong foundation for the first E.S.O.P. Pre-Academy Recruitment Program. We thank them for their dedication to the program. 

Moving forward, the new Coordinator is Retired, Sgt. Clarence Hines. Clarence is also the Pastor at the Church of Adullam, a published author, and an award winning Law Enforcment Instructor, at North County Tech, which is located in St. Louis.  



  • Basic Report Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Community Service
  • Basic Constitutional Law
  • Officer Wellness
  • Physical Fitness (In Class Instruction Only)
  • Law Enforcement Etiquette
  • Law Enforcement Ethics