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Ethical Society of Police

Welcome to the Ethical Society of Police

Welcome to the Ethical Society of Police

Welcome to the Ethical Society of Police Welcome to the Ethical Society of Police

Mission: We are Vocal About Police Accountability

The Board of the Ethical Society of Police (E.S.O.P.) believes the great majority of officers within the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD) and around the world behave in a manner befitting of officers. However, when we as officers disregard internal policies and the laws we’ve sworn to uphold we must be held accountable.

Mission: Link 112 Page Evaluation of SLMPD by the E.S.O.P.

In 2016, the Ethical Society of Police authored a 112 page Comphrehensive Evaluation of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (S.L.M.P.D), which outlined race-based disparities, ineffective policing, race-based tactics, promotional bias, disparities with discipline, and disparities in coveted positions within S.L.M.P.D. 

The report received national acclaim. The link to the report is listed below.




The E.S.O.P.‘s mission is to bridge the gap in communication between the Police Department and the community.


Seekers of Justice & Accountability

The E.S.O.P. seeks justice and equality for all Police Officers and Civilians within the police department.


E.S.O.P. Goals

  • To protect and serve.
  • Cultivate and maintain police/community relations.
  • Increase diversity within the police department.
  • Champion accountability and professionalism in law enforcement.


Giving Back

E.S.O.P. Member, Officer Tanya Rodman, can be found volunteering with the community she serves.


Working in our Community to Improve St. Louis

E.S.O.P. Member, Officer Tanya Rodman works alongside our community with Serving With a Badge, and its CEO Christian Johnson. 


Pizza with a Cop

One of the E.S.O.P.‘s many "Pizza with a Cop" events in the City of St. Louis. E.S.O.P. Officers served pizza, laughed with our kids, and received lots of hugs. This event was created by our very own, Detective John Leggette, who is standing in uniform in the middle of the fun.