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Ethical Society of Police

Welcome to the Ethical Society of Police

E.S.O.P. and You

ESOP Annual Backpack and Supply Drive


E.S.O.P. Police Officers, Civilians, and members of the community gather for fun, pizza, fellowship, free backpacks, supplies, and ice cream.



In 2017, E.S.O.P. Pre-Academy Recruitment Program Graduate, Officer Suleima Rojas graduated from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Academy. She's pictured with her older sister, Officer Rosa Rojas, who also graduated from the E.S.O.P. Pre-Academy Recruitment Program in 2016. They are pictured with their beautiful family and friends.

Our Most Valuable Resource - Our Children


E.S.O.P. donated a washer and dryer to Yeatman-Liddell College Preparatory Middle School. Our goal is to donate a washer and dryer to every middle school in the City in St. Louis. No child should miss school because they can't afford to wash their clothes. Our children are our most valuable resource. 

Bragging Rights - Basketball Champs


E.S.O.P. Members, Officer Jermaine Banks, Sgt. Todd Ross, Officer Torey Phelps; and two of our civilian friends celebrate their victory in a bragging rights basketball game. 

With Open Arms


In 2017, E.S.O.P. Member Lt. Cheryl Orange, met a young girl who had a mission of hugging a Police Officer in every state. Of course we welcomed her with open arms. Photo credit - STL Today

The Future is Bright!


E.S.O.P. Member, and former ESOP Pre-Academy Program Graduate, Officer Amber Hawkins is congratulated by State Representative Bruce Franks after her graduation from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Academy. State Rep. Franks is a volunteer instructor for the E.S.O.P. Recruitment Program. Photo Credit - STL Today

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Ethical Society of Police

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